Local volunteers are joined by the national board of directors of the Prison Congregations of  America to celebrate the opening of the Church Of Another Chance.

Make a donation

The Church of Another Chance is funded by private donors like you. The Church receives no funds from the city, county or state to do our work. We totally rely on donations from community members who share Jesus' vision of visiting those in prison and helping them transform their lives.

​​“Guests who visit our church do more to make an inmate improve his respect for other people than anything the prison system offers.”  Former Inmate

Can true humility and compassion exist in our words and eyes
unless we know we too are capable of any act?    ∞St. Francis

Worship with us

Each week the men gather to worship. Men are active participants in the worship by being ushers, readers of scripture, choir members, and serving communion. If you would like to join us for a powerful time of community and fellowship, please let us know by filling out the form below, or emailing us at:


"I usually come away believing that I have been blessed as much or more than the inmates"  Volunteer